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Ask Alumni Program Information for Students


Getting started

It can be daunting to think past your final year of study and what you might be doing next. What does a career in a particular field actually look like in reality? Should you undertake further study? Have you chosen the right career path?

Ask Alumni is a new mentoring program providing you with the opportunity to connect with volunteer alumni mentors for one-off career conversations. You can connect anywhere, anytime with multiple professionals from around the world to expand your knowledge of career options and plan for life after study.

The program launched in August 2018 and we welcome your feedback while we continue to build the Ask Alumni community.

  1.  SIGN UP using your student University credentials
  2. Complete the Ask Alumni application form
  3. Apart from your basic information, provide details of your study areas, career areas of interest and the type of career advice you are interested in receiving
  4. You will be automatically accepted into the mentoring program
  5. Once accepted, update your profile and add a photo
  6. Search for and start connecting with alumni

Visit our careers website for more professional resources and for guidelines on conducting an information interview. If you would like to discuss the program in greater detail or have any questions about the application process, contact us.

Contact Us

13 MELB (13 6352)


What is one-time mentoring? How will it benefit me?

Who are alumni?

Am I eligible?

How do the meeting requests work?

Who can see my profile information?

"Accomplished professionals in the Ask Alumni network can provide exactly what I need as a graduate student facing graduation soon. This experience has been very informing and helpful in me planning what direction I am headed next after graduating from the University of Melbourne."

Jingheng, Master of Engineering

"Through his experience George was able to offer invaluable advice that helped me feel more confident about the job search process - it was nice to hear things from a different perspective. Although George was the first mentor I contacted he definitely will not be the last - this process has made me feel more at ease about entering the workforce and the prospect of future employers offering mentoring."

Anna, Doctor of Dental Surgery

"I was inspired by my mentor's profile and what she has achieved since graduating from the JD. She was very reassuring and gave me practical tips regarding work-life balance and volunteering ideas. We also spent time discussing the anxiety that comes with law school. She reminded me that it’s about running your own race and provided me with solid advice about how to manage that sort of stress."

Alaryss, Juris Doctor

"The experience was the highlight of my day. I never expected to find a mentor with similar interests. I would definitely recommend the Ask Alumni program to other students. There is much to learn from the mentors and their rich experiences."

Edward, Bachelor of Commerce

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